“Stare at the world, not at your model.”

Continually learning, constantly changing. The human mind is as fickle as the seasons. It is not mathematical models that predict the future but the law of nature. Writes Richard Bookstaber in his book The End of Theory. “The world could be changing right now in ways that will blindside you down the road.” Nothing is linear¬†and predictable; […]

Competence without imagination ūü§Ė

The machine is a perfection of man, one that aggregates all simulations and chooses the best possibility at the right time. AI also gets smarter with each mistake it makes in a type of machine learning called reinforcement learning. Humans can’t learn and execute actions as fast as their robot counterparts can. Our neuronal chips are […]

Copywriting is king

Copywriters are the new salespeople for the digital age.¬† They convince people to buy stuff through text rather than old fashion smooth talk.¬† The central copywriting challenge today is about informing the customer and promoting customer interaction without being too sales driven nor misleading.¬† ¬† Copywriting is now about brevity.¬† Online readers scan content.¬† Attention […]