Slamagotchi – Folded 

Slamagotchi AKA Sebastian Vivian (Photo via fb)

Slamagotchi is a Adelaide-based beat maker Sebastian Vivian. He’s released a slew of instrumentals to-date on his Soundcloud page.

‘Folded’ is one of his latest electronic chops, combining cinematic synths and jazzy soundscapes to a two-step beat. The track features on an 11-track compilation with other local Adelaide and Sydney beat-smiths from record label Paper Garden.

Download the compilation on Bandcamp

Creativity Quotes

Leif Podhajský: ‘Every artist should explore the medium of their time’

“I’m really interested in technology because that’s the world we live in, and I think every artist should explore the medium of their time.”

— Leif Podhajský, on digital art
Digital art is misunderstood like electronic music once was.

Anthony Bourdain on EMD in Vegas

Never liked the EDM scene, nor the music.

Good electronica lives here, in the headphones.


Electronic Dance Music Goes Hollywood

Electronic music is mainstream, which is odd considering fifteen years ago it was a niche genre placed in the back section of US record stores.

I grew up listening to Paul Oakenfold, Underworld, The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, and more obscure electronic DJs like Roni Size and Photek.  I never thought electronic music would be popular. 

To see dubstep break electronic music is even more surprising.  Just a few years ago dubstep was completely underground with the likes of Burial, Skream, and Benga.  Skrillex now makes $15 million a year.

Money taints music development.  Just look at the destruction of hip-hop, which like electronic music grew out of dance parties and peaked out after the rise of Eminem.  When music becomes more about Hollywood than the sound itself, it self-destructs.  Electronic music will burst as well but the real crate diggers will continue to support it.