Searching for solitude

We live in an era of the abundance of information, disinformation, and echo chambers where “people select their own reality by deliberately avoiding information that threatens their happiness and wellbeing.” The main reason I stopped using Twitter was that it hijacked my focus, made me think in 140 characters which is a beautiful constriction but […]

From Peace to Prosperity

Too many people, too many ideas, too much attention. That’s the big city. Few people, few ideas, few distractions. That’s the woods. We’re all living in a big city mentality today. We fear falling behind on the latest celebrity gossip, breaking news, and TV show banter on Facebook and Twitter. The noise can be so […]

Don’t Quote Me on This

“Emerson didn’t hate quotation, not really. What he hated was our impulse to shortcut actual thought. The Internet didn’t create that impulse, but it has made it far more tempting and easier to satisfy.” Quotes evade self-thought by stirring the pot with someone else’s words. It’s easy to get caught up in quotes, the same […]