Productivity & Work

A day of two halves

Umberto Eco was right when he said “We make lists because we don’t want to die.”

We feel dead without a challenge. That’s why some of us split the day into two halves.

Morning is the first half. We try to prioritize the hardest work between the hours of 9-12 before lunch so the rest of the day is comparatively easy. But we have to be ruthless in following through.

“It’s more important you do work that’s important, than you do work that’s pretty.

Seth Godin

Alternatively, we could use those few hours at the start of the day to build up toward an industrious afternoon.

The hardest part of any structure is dealing with interruptions. All it takes is the presence of our phones to disrupt our thinking. Text messages add more petty things into our heads and onto our to-do list.

Getting to-done is a daily discipline. The imperative of movement makes us feel more alive, freer, and less regretful.


Perceiving a Broken Escalator

No one takes the stairs any more. The stairs appear to be an impediment, a very last option.

People prefer to take the escalator or the elevator just to go one floor. We don’t think twice when presented with a shortcut because it saves us energy and time.

But why skip steps? Why store extra energy that biologically needs to be exhausted in order for us to evolve?

The person that perceives a broken escalator as a hurdle may by conquered by laziness. The person that sees the broken escalator as an opportunity to get the blood flowing is ready for a challenge.

You don’t get anywhere without putting in the work and building emotional muscle. Creative energy is a process that starts from the way you live your life. The more energy you spend, the more you get back. The next time you see the stairs, take them.