If you’re struggling to get started, do it badly

Perfection is the antithesis of inspiration — it prevents you from getting started. The trick to getting going is to do it badly. That’s right: Be intentionally messy. Producing crap isn’t the end-goal. The point of taking small actions is to create enough momentum to feel like we’re winning. What sustains persistence are small improvements. […]

Prescribing a walk in nature

Get yourself a prescription to nature. It’ll improve your mental and physical health. That’s according to doctors in Scotland who are recommending that people in the Shetland Islands get outside. The program outlines a recommended outside activity per month. For instance, in January you can create a windsock to grasp the full power of the […]

Yet more evidence that standing at work is better for you than sitting

A recent study done by researchers at Tel Aviv University validates standing desks. Not only is standing better for your health, it also strengthens your focus. This is because the stress of holding your posture improves selective attention. The Stroop effect The researchers had university students alternate between standing and sitting while testing their reaction time to […]

How to use ‘temptation building’ to get things done 

How do you make a strenuous activity more enjoyable? According to Wharton School assistant professor and behavioral economist Katherine Milkman, you bundle it with something that’s rewarding in what she calls “temptation building.“ It goes something like this: “This means you would restrict your Netflix time to the same time you spend working out – […]

Crime and ‘Punishment’

When most people think of punishment, they think of negative consequences — jail for committing a crime or a lawsuit for tax evasion. However, voluntary punishment, like stress, can also have benefits. The US Marines have a saying: “Pain is weakness is leaving the body.” Sometimes you have to punish yourself to get better. You […]

Why creative people love walking

Creative people tend to walk a lot. Walking refreshes the brain and stimulates ideas that may otherwise remain dormant while sitting in a chair. Wonderful things happen when your brain is empty. Maira Kalman Studies show that walking is more powerful than meditation. Walking is clearly beneficial to both body and mind. It’s so popular […]