Temporary foliage

All photos by Wells Baum

Constant and changing, the Fall comes around and whips durable trees into seasonal characters, reminding us that everything is temporary.

The form is ephemeral, the roots are permanent. The colorful autumn foliage tree jettisons its leaves, falling without regret.

The ‘e’ in leaf stands for effortless; its intuition accepts the will of the wind and the serenity of landing on terra firma. Those that remain appear vivid under the flash of light. The season’s cycle into GIF loops.

Photo by Wells Baum

Weather Changes

We get sick when the weather all of a sudden changes. Our bodies are not good at adapting to seasons without transitioning fist. Sickness is one way to spit out the old and prepare for the new.

In some cases, such as in San Francisco where the weather is fickle, you’d think one would be sick throughout the year. But surely, even a body can adapt to unpredictable warm and cold temperatures.

Like a chameleon, our bodies can get used to anything. The problem is that nobody wants to go through the growing pains first.

You’ve probably encountered pain after working out rigorously after a long break. Your muscles are telling you that they’re not used to such pressure. However, the muscles will adapt if you keep working out.

Strength and excellence in anything is gained through strain first. A lot of people resist improvement because they achieve a level of comfort. But you must change often; those that are stay content and never test their limits will never grow.

For some people, like those on the East Coast, adaptation is unavoidable. We’re forced to change if we want to go outside and go places. Such a restraint behooves our activity levels.

If you want to grow, readapt ever so often. This could mean anything from moving towns to simplifying your home office desk, to embracing the Fall season. We must change to be in constant happiness.