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The value of pushy mothers

The extra push. It can come from within, but it also helps to hear it from outside influences.

Pushy moms are more likely to build a successful kid. Being annoyed is good for you.

It is later on that you’ll steer your own life and develop the habit of pushing yourself.

The lessons hatch in your head, inculcating an operating system that values independence and hope.

From parts to wholes and back again, the most important thing is to follow through in an effort to inspect the self and all the world’s knowledge.

Life & Philosophy

A merry experience

We run after happiness like the plague. If we could just have that one thing, then we could be fulfilled. But the problem with happiness is that it doesn’t stop bleeding. We want it again and again.

The thing about happiness is that it’s attainable, just not when it’s attached to material goods. A pair of new Jordan’s or a new iPhone may make us happy but the feeling is ephemeral. Two weeks later we’re on the search for a new drip.

But what does increase happiness and stick around for a bit are experiences. Memories unite us and make us human. Shared moments run deeper than a new pair of AirPods.