Moving Beyond Baseball

I played baseball as a kid. It was fun because I was good at it, not necessarily because I loved the sport. As I got older, basketball and soccer became my main games. They were fast paced and less interruptive. There was just way more movement than baseball. I attended the Yankees game last night […]

VIDEO GAMES Gaming Faces Its Archenemy: Financial Reality

The video game industry is slowing.  I hate to say it but the warning signs were there all along.   Digital downloads (micropayments) turned the music industry back into a singles business.  There’s no way people are paying $16 for a CD again.  Similarly, no one wants to pay $60 for a video game anymore. […]

Reversing Global Interests

The Internet introduces people to new stuff they wouldn’t have normally found or liked. One case and point is soccer, often joked among Americans as a “Communist” sport. But soccer is now the second most popular sport for 12-24 year olds in the US. This didn’t happen naturally. The combination of early addictive video games […]

FIFA Should Copy the NFL

FIFA just announced today that it’ll create a YouTube channel dedicated to 2010 South Africa highlights and user generated content to help it prepare for the 2014 Cup in Brazil. Besides the obvious criticism that Seth Blatter is slow to make the world’s biggest game truly social, he should also take marketing cues from the […]