Mars Effect: Download the new Nike Sportswear x VSCO filter

The new Nike Sportswear x VSCO filter dropped while I was on vacation last week in the Dominican Republic. It paints a Mars-like effect on your photos. This is how VSCO describes it on its blog: “the preset creates a bold, duotone look using strong black and red hues. The tonal range of each image […]

Filters are kind of dead

I stopped using Instagram filters almost two years ago. You don’t need them. The snap should be able to speak for itself, in its raw untouched nature. But I do believe that some images still need a little pop. And that’s when you should use the VSCO app, Litely, or Snapseed, whichever apps enable you […]

Avoid turning pictures into paintings

A strange phenomenon has overtaken the web’s social images. Many of the images are so over-filtered they look like paintings rather than pictures. It’s one thing to add a filter to make an image pop. VSCO is actually the best tool for this since it allows you to scale your filter strength. It’s another thing […]