Flying Lotus x Thom Yorke GIF

In addition to being one of the greatest GIFs of all time, this fan-created GIF also helped launch Brainfeeder’s film division. And then there’s the fact that two music geniuses were born on the same day, October 7. Happy birthday to Flying Lotus and Thom Yorke! Advertisements


Loop Dreams via Giphy

Whether you pronounce GIF with a soft or hard “G,” GIF can be described as a type of format, just like the Jpeg or MP3. With the likes of Apple’s Live feature, Instagram’s Boomerang and Google’s Motion Stills app, making GIFs is easier than ever, turning them into into their own respectable, artful medium. Giphy is the […]

7 Tunes to peep this weekend | Episode 9

Back it.  Here’s 7 new flavors for your ears.  MACHINEDRUM — “Gunshotta” KOEN — “1075” DANNY BROWN — “Side A (Old)” PAUL WOOLFORD —”Ride VP” SCNTST — ”Percee Scan” ALEX SMOKE — ”Dust” (Tessela Remix) NINETOES — “Finder” REWIND TRACK: FLYING LOTUS— “Tea Leaf Dancers” (2007 Reset EP) All new 2013 beats can be found on my dedicated music blog SILEM DAVIS. (Relive the past)

7 Tunes to peep this weekend | Episode 3

Some freshly discovered tunes I plucked this week. FOUR TET — “Kool FM” SHIGETO— “Detroit” PAUL WHITE — “Lolita” LEE BANNON — “Hyper / Eclipes” ATLAS X DRDR — “Fall” JEREMIAH JAE — “Oatmeal Face” (prod. by Flying Lotus) BLITZ THE AMBASSADOR — “African in New York” REWIND TRACK: JERU THE DAMAJA — “Come Clean”(1994 Album, The Sun Rises In The East) All new 2013 beats can […]