STUFF – Strata

STUFF is a five piece instrumental band from Antwerp, Belgium. ‘Strata’ is the first track from the band’s second album old dreams new planets due out April 28th. The song vacillates from broken jazz before weaving into a funky, electronic jungle. Says the quintet’s SoundCloud page, “it makes you doubt whether you’re at a rave […]


Sarathy Korwar – Bhajan

Sarathy Korwar is an American-Indian producer and drummer. While born in the United States, he spent most of his childhood growing up India where he listened to American jazz records in local record shops. ‘Bhajan’ is the first song on his debut album, Day To Day, which weaves together both Indian folk and jazz music […]

Duke Hugh – Butterflies

Duke Hugh is a Dutch electronic producer. South London record label Rhythm Section International just dropped his debut album entitled Canvass. While latin-beat ‘Butterflies‘ is a Gilles Peterson track favorite, the entire album grooves to put you in a dreamy state of mind. From his Bandcamp page: Each song has its own essence, there is absolutely no […]

Watch DJ Gilles Peterson record the soundtrack to the Rio Olympic Games

Originally recorded in 2014 during the World Cup, DJ Gilles Peterson went down to Rio to make a documentary on Brazilian music and to record an album entitled Sonzeira which paired old and new Brazilian superstars like Elza Soares and Seu Jorge. He also visits the birthplace of samba in the Rio favelas and goes crate-digging […]

RA: Playing Favourites: Gilles Peterson – Interview

Gilles Peterson on playing what he wants without hubris. I’m not into just throwing stuff in just to shock people, either. I like to have a flow and to be able to build something beautiful with my music, in a way. I think there is an art. It’s not just about chucking it out there […]