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Google Photos uses facial recognition to identify your dogs and cats

Photo by Wells Baum

If you’re looking for the best photo-backup service, look no further than Google Photos. Not only does it free up phone space, it creates gifs, adds filters, and stitches images together for you using the magic of artificial intelligence. In the age of image surfeit, Google Photos has been a blessing in disguise, helping people decide what to post or share with friends and family. But today’s news is by far my favorite.

Using its human face identification technology, Google can now detect individual cats and dogs instead of bunching all the animals together. It can even narrow results down to a specific breed. You can also search by

or  emojis.

giphy (19).gif

It’s about time pets got some recognition. See what I did there 😉

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Google Photos frees up phone space automatically

Google Photos
Storage Full

First it was iCloud, then it was Dropbox, and now I exclusively use Google Photos.

I switched because Google’s sync is faster, its grid layout is cleaner, and because Google has built in AI that arranges your photos by faces, places, etc. Google Photos also automates some of the stitching so it makes video montages and applies filters for you. The result is hit or miss, but you can save what you like.

And now Google Photos is even better. It’ll delete your photos off your phone after syncing them to the cloud so you don’t have get that 16GB iPhone nightmare that says “storage is full.” Previously, you’d have to manually delete photos from your library. Not anymore.

Like I said, I’ve been raving about Google Photos for a while. And it’s only going to get better, especially as it consolidates technology like Motion Stills into one central Photo app.