Slowthai – Wiseman

Image courtesy the artist

Slowthai is a rapper/producer from Northampton, England. His latest solo release slowitdown packs a serious punch of grime beats and lyrical jabs, most notably on the track ‘Wiseman’ which originally premiered on Boiler Room and played more recently on the Gilles Peterson show.

Keep an eye on this emerging talent.

“no space no caps”



Yally – Dread Risk

Photo courtesy the artist

Yally is a collaboration between London-based Joe Andrews and Tom Halstead, known more commonly as the electronic duo Raime.

The band describes their Yally alias as an exploration of “Bass Futures” yet it sounds more like a nod to the Prodigy-esque jungle and garage vibe from early 90s London.

Dread Risk‘ is an absolute heater. It cuts and chops to grime basslines with dub techno thrown into the mix. Meanwhile, the album’s second track ‘U-Eff-O’ seems to mellow out to 2-step vibes.


Big Peace – Peace: Diva

Image via SoundCloud

Big Peace, also known as Big War, is a producer and a co-founder of the multidisciplinary Generic Greeting Collective in Manchester, UK.

According to the Bandcamp page, the Peace/War album is a collection of hip-hop beats made from 2010 – 2016 that incorporate elements of Balearic dance music, dub, and grime. The vibe is next-level, to say the least, as is the artwork.

Favorite tracks:  Peace: Aisha, Diva, War: Hypeeee, War: Bonus edit, Bonus: Eternity

Download on Bandcamp and nod ya head.

PS. For similar tunes, check out Paul White and Illum Sphere.

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Dizzee Rascal talks Brexit with Pharrell on Beats 1

Dizzee’s first album Boy in Da Corner expressed his experiences about growing up as an outcast in the East London projects. Here’s how Pitchfork described it thirteen years ago:

Rascal is at ground level, eyes trained on his immediate surroundings. His rhymes, and especially his beats, reflect his area’s desperate social, economic and political landscape.

Dizzee is 32 years old now and sees the world in a different perspective, much calmer than his angst in the past. In a conversation with Pharrell on Beats 1 show “OTHERtone,” he gives his thoughts on Brexit.

“What happens when you shout and scream at the world and then they listen, agree with you. ‘Yeah, we like that too.’ You’ve got to find something in common with people. That’s the way to get on in life.”

Given the state of political affairs in the US, Pharrell echoes Dizzee’s passion for the beauty of difference, arguing that divisiveness should bring people together to find common ground.


“You hate to see divisiveness win…You’re entertained by everything creative people do. Creativity is the gathering of thoughts, ideas, and concepts. You can’t tell me that you want to be isolated like a pool of algae, a stagnant puddle of algae.” – Pharrell

History shows that humans can be brutal and imperfect. However, if you cannot rise above difference and agree on something, who are you to say that you are all that different. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.