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Dead Teeth

Cavities take time to build up. They don’t just form overnight.

Cavities generally result from laziness or bad technique. You may under-brush your teeth, use weak toothpaste, or ignore flossing and fluoride which provide extra protection against cavities.

The dentist always reminds you of best practices but their words may only be heard twice a year. It’s up to you to keep your teeth healthy.

The good news of course is that cavities can be removed. The bad news is that the procedure is expensive and a little bit painful.

The only thing to do to prevent cavities is to brush daily and in good form. Good habits impede decay. That goes for healthy teeth and just about anything else in life. You have to be consistent.


Sleeping with your Smartphone

We need sleep. The last thing we want to do is grab our smartphone in bed and get sucked into email, social networking, games, and the countless other highly addictive apps.

Some claim mobile addiction is the new smoking. If technology is reducing your sleep hours and getting you into driving and walking accidents it’s hard to disagree.

Take predictable time off. Deliberately put the phone aside so you can relax, let the brain slow down, and permit ideas to have sex. Just let next happen next.

Get some good rest and dream. Much of the online world is an elaborate fantasy anyway.


Ask Well: How Often to Exercise

Endurance also fades if you skip exercising for too many days in a row.

The same goes for just about anything else you do.  The key is consistency.


Thinking Exercise

Exercise is integral to creative thinking and persistence. I stumbled upon two articles today that emphasize this importance.

Maria Popova of BrainPicker, explains how simple movement improved her focus:

When my body is moving, it’s almost like it takes the wind out of this mental spinning, and I’m able to focus.

Famous Japanese author, Haruki Murakami, explains how running strengthened his will to write:

Most of what I know about writing I’ve learned through running every day. These are practical, physical lessons. How much can I push myself?

Writing requires creativity, focus, and endurance; just like exercise.

Health Science

“The chair-based lifestyle”

Humans are not made to be sedentary. We are born to walk, run, and hunt. Our bones serve to help our survival.

But we sit all day long. It starts in Elementary school and lasts the rest of our lives, through work and into retirement.

Excessive sitting is a lethal activity.

James Levine

Sitting kills you. If you don’t move often, you’ll get fat, sleepy, a bad heart, and you’ll be underproductive.

If you’re not a runner, then just walk. 15 minutes of movement or 2,000 steps prevent you from gaining weight.  If you want to lose weight, you’re going to have to run and eat right.

Exercise combined with a healthy diet keep both body and mind fit.  But don’t forget to take breaks and walk about—Go here and know some good meal plans too. Thanks to Steve Jobs, an avid walker, you can answer emails and social network on your phone.  You may even want to consider standing while working.  My mom does this and remains hyperactive all day, enough to come home and take care of three hungry boys.

My favorite part about walking are the meditative, creative, and discovery benefits.  When we’re more relaxed, our perspective is deeper.  We’re more open to life’s possibilities.

In short, move.  Move more often than you think.  Your life and productivity depend on it.