Beat Jealousy With Uniqueness

It’s too easy to become jealous. Your siblings may be better than you at school, in sports, and in their career. Maybe they worked for it and deserve it? It may have even come easy to them while you worked harder for mediocrity. Maybe they just got lucky.

It’s natural to be jealous of others that excel and earn more stuff because of their success. The good news is that you can create your own luck. You just need to approach things more creatively.

Instead of emulating successful people, take a different angle. Become a great coach or manager rather than player, get known for curating art rather than making it, write well if you can’t speak. Create an app for a niche rather than a mass. There’s always an opposite approach. You may not make more money nor get more recognition because of these lesser praised initiatives but you’ll be satisfied by something that still matters and performed at a high level.

Don’t copy, differentiate. No one remembers the kid that played quarterback in high school but they will remember someone that thought differently and executed to his/her best ability.

Do something special that is unique to you and takes advantage of your natural strengths and passion. You’ll most likely win and be remembered.