The young/old dynamic

Younger people are generally more obsessed and driven. Older folks are generally more accepting of the status quo, albeit through jadedness rather than experience. The juniors depend on the adults to help guide them through operational jungles. The seniors lean on younger folks to remain naive and use their lofty dreams to gather raw material. […]

The hidden power of less

Less isn’t necessarily better than more. However, it appears that in most scenarios that it is most often the case. Less participants, more effective meetings Less worry, more action Less ownership, more renting Less eating, more exercising Less internet, more human interaction Less Instagram, more non-filter Less stuff, more happiness Less hate, more love Less […]

99U’s Manage Your Day-to-Day

Want to stay creative in the age of digital distraction? Below are some of my favorite highlights from Manage Your Day-to-Day from the folks at 99U. Grethen Rubin on the “Power of Frequency” Often folks achieve their best work by grinding out the product. Creativity arises from a constant churn of ideas, and one of […]