Roger Ebert wrote this after 25 years as a movie critic

  The film critic Roger Ebert originally published this piece in 1992 after celebrating his 25th year as a movie critic for the Chicago-Sun Times. He passed away in April 2013.   The job of a movie critic is unusual. Instead of spending your time at the office or even at home penning away your […]

Lame to Fame

“Anything you can do I can do better; I can do anything better than you.” –Annie Are celebrities that much better than you? Or did they prepare and hit their luck at the right time, playing best when their best needed. There may not be much that separates your skills from the celebrity, other than […]

Celebrity status

Being one is fun. But really the only difference between celebrities and the rest of us are impressions and power. TV already edits their flaws, while they portray the perfect life to their millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter. Celebrities also carry with them huge clout – they can dictate their fans and drive […]