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Alain de Botton: Art for Life’s Sake

I would argue that art matters for therapeutic reasons. It is a medium uniquely well suited to helping us with some of the troubles of inner life: our desire for material things, our fear of the unknown, our longing for love, our need for hope. Art is more than what you see. It’s visceral.

Ride the Dragon

Options are neither bad nor good; you really don’t know until you test one out and can look back and evaluate your decision. But when you listen to other people and let them decide for you rather than listening and deciding for yourself you get caught in a web of confusion. Never outsource your decisions. […]

Nowhere exists somewhere

Nowhere exists somewhere. It may be invisible like air or essential like water, but it’s there to be occupied. Nowhere is a place you go when life has sucked all options out you. Nowhere is that end of the road feeling, a mouse-trap of guilt and self-pity. But nowhere is at least a place to […]

“Do not daydream about the problems in your life, the evil in the world, the troubles around the next bend. That is what real life is for. Instead, daydream about things that make you smile. No summer workday is complete without a grown person staring at the wall, just laughing.” — Jon Methven, “How to […]