Ride the Dragon

Options are neither bad nor good; you really don’t know until you test one out and can look back and evaluate your decision.

But when you listen to other people and let them decide for you rather than listening and deciding for yourself you get caught in a web of confusion.

Never outsource your decisions. The right decision is the one that is personal, practical, and a bit risky.

Decision making is a combination of what you know, what you think you know, and what you think you’ll venture into.

The only certainty you have is your own courage. Life is too unpredictable. The outcome of your decision depends of your own diligence, passion, perspective, and luck.

Few things feel right in the beginning. In fact, that first opportunity might not be the best. But you can’t possibly know what you want until you try.

First you decide and then you deduce. After all, the right answer is a function of the mistakes you make.

Nowhere exists somewhere

Nowhere exists somewhere. It may be invisible like air or essential like water, but it’s there to be occupied.

Nowhere is a place you go when life has sucked all options out you. Nowhere is that end of the road feeling, a mouse-trap of guilt and self-pity.

But nowhere is at least a place to start, a clean slate with boundless ways of action. Pursuing a direction generates confidence and kills the stigma of nowhere.

Nowhere is somewhere, depressing as it may be. But it’s just not a place you want to live in too long. Any step is a step forward out of the invisible. Hope and gut are the only thing you got.

Do not daydream about the problems in your life, the evil in the world, the troubles around the next bend. That is what real life is for. Instead, daydream about things that make you smile. No summer workday is complete without a grown person staring at the wall, just laughing.

— Jon Methven, “How to Daydream