Human rationality and craziness

Human rationality and craziness
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The most successful people are both rational and crazy.

As much as robots and artificial intelligence threaten our creativity, there will be some people who cultivate the randomness of thought to continue innovating.

Wrote Jean-Luc Godard: “It’s not where you take things from — it’s where you take them to.”

See the world, not its model

Patterns beg to be synthesized, broken down and encrusted with ingenuity to make something new.

Humans envision the future and work backward, mostly through the freedom of trial and error. They see holes and fill them in with new opportunities.

Folks may never know where they are going, but that is exactly how they get there.



Act confident yet remain vulnerable.

Lead and yield ownership.

Celebrate success; work even harder to repeat it.

Know everything | Question everything.

Do the right thing; understand the other side.

Be aggressive yet respectful.

Aim high. Achieve reality.

Excel. Get and give back.

Endure. Dent the universe.

Own it; take fault.

Live in the now, penetrate the future.

Contrast and conform.

Allow greatness and humility to merge.


Pity Earth’s Creatures

Yet another article bashing technological addiction at the cost of nature:

It’s not just ponds being steamrollered for industry, but gazing itself being lost to Twitter. The attention span involved in formulating a menagerie out of cloud shapes in the sky while lax on one’s back in the grass has been eclipsed by what’s interesting on-screen 20 inches away, and conscientious parents will troop their youngster to a planetarium, as to the dinosaur hall next door.

I tend to believe that these incredible technologies continue to liberate us from the prison of biology, to become more aware of our surroundings. Digital tools make me want to explore the world more and share my experiences, not less.