The hybrid method of productivity

“I take lots of notes in paper mole skin notebooks; every week or so I go back with a different color pen and circle the key sentences; I then transfer these ideas to Evernote files on my computer; and finally, I blog/tweet/publish/email out the crispest, most important ideas or quotes.”

— Ben Casnocha, the hybrid method of productivity
Productivity & Work

The difference maker

There are plenty of ideas. That’s not the problem. The challenge is in the execution of those ideas.

Action is the difference-maker, the key extension ideation. Action is where ideas get proven, shredded, or rebuilt.

Action also leads to other ideas which lead to further action. Discovery and deduction occur simultaneously through initiative.

The evidence lies within the doing. Doing is testing the idea for veracity. All action starts with a hypothesis about how things could work.

Give it a shot.


You should feel free to flip ideas upside down, to turn them inside out, and to cut loose from the chains of normalcy.

Tina Seelig