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Seeking ignorance amid uncertainty

Curiosity is a powerful tool. It makes us question our surroundings and compels us to ask why things work the way they do. It kicks the mind into exploration.

But the addition of courage takes curiosity a step further; it tries to fill the void through hands-on experimentation. These small tests are fuel for failure in disguise as they convert ignorance into knowledge.

The greater challenge, therefore, is the audacity to continue guessing. Even when something gets discovered, it opens up a whole new can of ignorance.

It’s what I don’t know that stimulates me.

Toni Morrison, 1983

The learning never stops if the asking never stops. The more we know, the more we desire to know.

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You can recognize genuinely smart people by their ability to say things like “I don’t know” “Maybe you’re right” and “I don’t understand”

Paul Buchheit
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Brian Eno on enthusiasm

“Everything good proceeds from enthusiasm.”

Brian Eno

The word enthusiasm translates to “the spirit of god within”.

Enthusiasm is the gas that keeps you going though CRAP (criticism, rejection, assholes, and pressure).

The enthusiastic are inherently confident but never satisfied enough to stop at the latest answer.


“They don’t know any better.”

They don’t know any better because they’re disconnected from the world.

They don’t know any better because they’re not exposed to what you are.

They don’t know any better because they’re taught to serve rather than to question.

The knowledge gap between people that know better and know nothing widens every day. Education and Internet access help bridge the gap, but so does merely learning how to think.

The human mind is naturally curious. It’s only when we begin to accept the way things are that we defy progress. Some say ignorance is the key to happiness but I think knowledge is really bliss.


Ignoring isn’t the same as ignorance, you have to work at it.

— Margaret Atwood

I feel the most satisfied if I work on projects where I know about half of what I’m doing and I don’t know the other half. If I go too much in one direction, meaning if I know too little about something, I get too anxious. And if I know too much about something, I get too bored.

— Stefan Sagmeister

I need to move because I don’t like writing as an expert. I like writing as an amateur. I like writing as an idiot. It’s much more fun to start in ignorance.

Michael Pollan