Churches built in post-colonial India

Vividly-coloured and shaped like stars, ships and castles, several churches in Kerala appear to defy one of the basic tenets of architecture as set by the influential American architect Louis Sullivan – “form follows function”. Read Why are some Kerala churches shaped like stars, ships and castles? Advertisements


Artist converts beach rock into a great white shark

When mixed media artist Jimmy Swift traveled to India in March 2015, he saw a jagged rock on the beach. He immediately knew what to do with it. “When I first saw this rock it looked like a perfect place for a great white. It’s truly amazing how mother nature can carve out such a […]

Blurry on purpose 

It’s in the moments of deliberate unfocus, scattered attention, that make an imperfect photo more interesting than manual focus-peaking. What’s the point of taking another high-resolution photo that can be Googled? What’s unique always stands out, just like a purple cow. India 2014

Sarathy Korwar – Bhajan

Sarathy Korwar is an American-Indian producer and drummer. While born in the United States, he spent most of his childhood growing up India where he listened to American jazz records in local record shops. ‘Bhajan’ is the first song on his debut album, Day To Day, which weaves together both Indian folk and jazz music […]

Fakear – Jonnhae Part 2.

Fakear is the artist name for Théo Le Vigoureux, an electronic producer based out of Caen, France. His most recent album Vegetal: Offshoots was recorded at the same time he crafted his debut album Animal. Says Fakear on his Bandcamp page: ‘The fulfilment of the circle of life. Animal is nothing without Vegetal; written at […]