A test of aliveness

What is interesting is worth pursuing. When you follow your intuition and catch what’s fresh, the less compelled you are to chase absolutes.

The curious mind keeps open all avenues of inspiration. It also steals from the lives of other people as part of the collection, knowing that others offer insight into surviving a deep, perplexing world. Hello, biographies!

A healthy dose of stress and discomfort will always be part of the growing process as an insurance policy against stagnation. In other words, chaos is a paradoxical simulation of order.

Variables are what keeps one feeling alive and therefore sane. On the contrary, automatons and sheep follow non-thinking patterns that serve the work of the devil.

Into the vortex of interestingness

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We try to put things in the right order, solve and find problems. The lighthouse in our mind is always moving faster than any fifth dimension of reality.  

The impulse is always to learn more to keep the story of life flowing into a vortex of interestingness. The end goal is to avoid the maw of cynicism, as it works like a magnet in dire times.  

Stimulation-seeking people look for a way of life. They feed off chasing ideals and improvising off risks. They are the sole judge of themselves, fighting for simple awareness and the right to exercise real choice.

Thinkers keep digging deeper into the hole, seeking out the next set of burning questions.

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Discovery 101: Lean In Vs. Lean Back

When it comes to information and music I’m more lean in than lean back. Everyone is interested in these topics but most people would rather consume them from the top-down rather than playing the part of curator/influencer and actively searching for them.

For example, most people prefer to listen to the radio because it takes the stress out of deciding what song to hear next. Actively building playlists takes a lot of time, especially for someone that just uses music to enhance their mood. The same can be said for news: most people would rather get all of it from one source like the New York Times.

The 90-9-1 rule of social media says that 90% of people just consume the feeds, 9% curate them (e.g. retweet), and 1% of users create original content. Lurking along is easy. Curation is hard. But creativity is harder.

Everyone needs a ‘lean in’ topic where they get to show their expertise. It doesn’t have to be tech news or electronic music, as I tend to discover and share. It just needs to be seething you’re passionate about. There’s a niche online for everybody.

Refound Hobbies

Things faze out, naturally. Other priorities come up. We can’t handle it all lest we forfeit spending time with others.

Nevertheless, if you ever come back to something you once loved and ask yourself why you lost interest in the first place, you should probably own it again.  

There’s plenty of time to dedicate to the stuff you love. Don’t let age and occupation distort your fun habits.

Wake up earlier or stay up later to get it done.  You’ll be happier for it.