7 articles to read this weekend

Fashion as Art “Fashion photographers are the new painters,” they say. Actually, all photographers are painters. Photography is instant paint. But fashion photography stands out above everyday photography because it mashes interesting people into interesting places. + Fashionista:. Cool Instagram pictures don’t always convert into sales. + The Smart Set: Photography may have replaced painting […]

Discovery 101: Lean In Vs. Lean Back

When it comes to information and music I’m more lean in than lean back. Everyone is interested in these topics but most people would rather consume them from the top-down rather than playing the part of curator/influencer and actively searching for them. For example, most people prefer to listen to the radio because it takes […]

Refound Hobbies

Things faze out, naturally. Other priorities come up. We can’t handle it all lest we forfeit spending time with others. Nevertheless, if you ever come back to something you once loved and ask yourself why you lost interest in the first place, you should probably own it again.   There’s plenty of time to dedicate […]