iPad 3 To Dent PC Sales Forever?

The PC is making all kinds of tweaks to hold off the tablet boom like turning the screen and keyboards around 360.

The slight innovations remind me of a dying CD and DVD industry that’s still trying to stay alive with bundles, extra features, and supplemental flash drives.

Tablets are taking over.  They’re half of the price of a PC, incredibly powerful, and amazing on the go reading and communication devices.  All the iPad needs is more basic office software like Microsoft Office to give it the edge at the work place.

Expect the iPad 3 to put a huge dent in PC sales.   The older generation will keep the PC alive.  However, as Steve Jobs said:

But they’re going to be used by one out of X people. (link)


Returned Kindle Fire

After a bad experience with the Amazon Kindle Fire (returned after 3 days), there’s no way I’m buying generation #1 of Amazon’s Smartphone.

The key to the Kindle’s first success was simplicity; a thin handheld wifi connected black and white eReader with access to tons of books and publications.

The Kindle Fire is the exact opposite debut; a heavy and slow wifi connected color “tablet” that’s frustrating to touch with access to a plethora of unformatted publications.

Clearly, Amazon is not a technology company.

Amazon is a grocery store of media building hardware to remain vertically aligned.  

Also part of the frustration is my own early adoption.  Years of iPhone experience set my expectations high.

Amazon’s first tablet is a failure.  But at least it fell forward.