Pragmatic Rebellion

How often do you break the rules? How often are you the person to stand up against something everyone knows is absurd? People are standing up to fight wrongdoing: Birkan Isin saved an Istanbul park from destruction and sparked Turkey’s mass protests Snowden gut checked the NSA and lit a worldwide discussion on the future […]

Turkey Embraces Twitter

Social media is like water, a flow of freely democratic voice produced and consumed whenever, wherever. Social is what we’ve been doing forever as humans just amplified now because everyone’s got a mic, a computerized phone in their hand. Some governments disdain Internet conversation for obvious reasons. They’re afraid of false rumors which lead to […]

Turkey, At The Crossroads

There’s incredibly controlled tension in Turkey, a quiescent clash of civilizations between Ottoman and European empires, East and West, Islam and Christianity, and modernity versus traditional ways of life. The three cities I visited in Turkey each had their own unique way of life. Ankara is a city five hours East of Istanbul. Ankara is […]