Why Apps Outdo Music, Film, and eBooks in Online Redemptions

Yesterday I received a late birthday card with $30 in iTunes gift card money. Immediately I got excited about all the apps I’ve had on my list to try. I also thought about spending it all one go on the Omniture app. Any app that’s $39.99 must be the real deal, right?

Two years ago iTunes gift cards meant one thing, free music. But music is now low on the consumption list. I’m very picky about what I download to own for my collection versus just stream online for free. I used to download everything and throw it in iTunes and then back it up with an external hard drive. The process was laborious and unnecessary considering I listened to 20% of it and every song imaginable is on demand on YouTube or Spotify.

Apps, on the other hand, are the new music. There’s 600,000 of them and I want to download and experiment with them all. Thankfully Apple has found a way to curate them and keep me focused.

If you’re creating something today it might as well be an app. Writing a novel, making an album or movie is just less sexy than it used to be. And people can get content for free if they really want to. Apps are still in the walled garden and people willingly pay up and save up for them.

Apps are simply more popular than other media downloads.