First Steps

Everything appears harder than it actually is. The long road ahead can be so intimidating that no one ever even starts.

But if you break down daunting tasks into pieces the end-goal becomes much more viable. The simple act of doing eases the trepidation of starting.

Impossible is something, but so is a little will to raze it down. The journey is why you start in the first place.


Creating Disorder: Making work intentionally messy

Sometimes the best thing to do to activate inaction is to do the job poorly for the sake of getting it done.

The trick behind “just doing it” is that your rarely end up pushing out a half-ass product. Why? Because you care.

Painter Peter Doig does the work and then subtracts the unnecessary layers:

“Sometimes you get so frustrated, you end up washing off or scraping off what you spent hours or days applying. By going backward, you see something you could have never achieved by going forward.”

Perfection impedes action. The to-do list is typically filled with one-offs that require little effort to get done. The motivation is in scratching them off the list so you can focus on the big fish.