Thinking hard about culture

Culture is a broad term used to describe the habits and practices of society. Cultures differ because people differ–in looks, tastes, and religion–and when there’s a hodgepodge of cultures, they mix to create something novel, i.e. America, which then becomes its own cultural pillar. As broad as culture is, in say music with its infinite number of […]

Take algorithms with a grain of salt

In a world of abundance, we need algorithms more than ever. From movies to books, music, and resumes, algorithms intend to save us time by eliminating a lot of the possibilities up front. The problem with algorithms though is that they remove the outlier. The things that shape you are usually outside your normal scope of […]

Exploring Metaphors

Metaphors redirect exactness. They reduce the friction of being honest and straightforward. Having “a lot on your plate” is more gentle than saying that you have tons of work to do. Saying that a person’s “a walking dictionary” is to say that they’re good with words. “America is a melting pot” means Americans come from […]