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You’ll never be Chinese

Once upon a time, the United States didn’t want to lead.  It didn’t want to participate in world affairs; it just wanted to focus on its Manifest Destiny.  But at least the US had a strong government that pushed economic and political openness.  The democratic foundation made it an easier transition to carry the baton on the world stage.  

China is in trouble if it’s to lead the world within the next decade, at least as the global economic hegemon.  Currently, China shows no signs of leadership.  It can’t even control its own people.  

The government is so scared of the people it prefers not to lead them.

While there may be an emerging middle class that lives a Westernized lifestyle, the establishment is weakened by a lack of foundational leadership which starts at the top.  

China needs to step and be more responsible.  It’ll fumble as a world leader if it doesn’t commit to fairness and equality of life starting with its own people.  China should start with this:  All politics is local.