A mirror on information

Journalists focus more on catastrophes than progress. They’re hard-wired to follow tragedy than highlight the good. Bad news and sensationalism sell eyeballs. Good news is ephemeral, quickly consumed and forgotten. When an avalanche of information aligns with a consumption-based based society, all becomes a blur. Knocked unconscious, we assemble identities that exceed the brain’s three […]

A retrospective report

We take a retrospective report, this time with the prospect of various viewpoints. When we look back at our own history, it only makes sense now. It’s never lucid at the time. Today’s mirror emits a story that can’t tell a lie. While the future prohibits knowledge, gathering experience increases one’s attentiveness toward ambient hints. […]

Quick hits pervert happiness

You can’t solve your problems by simply buying things. Materialism is a temporary form of happiness. Pursuing short term dopamine paints the surface. Stress and discomfort always volley right back. Long-term joy comes from the satisfaction of knowing that your health and emotions are in check. Man is a strange and contradictory animal. He chases […]