Reassuring struggle

Vulnerability and happiness, pain and weakness. You can’t possibly expect any benefits without the paradoxes of input and output. It’s as if people expect to play to the tune of emotion, unwilling to endure the challenges that get them there. The struggle therefore should be reassuring. Without it, there’s little need for success to meet […]

Guided by the dream

Try to think without images. You can’t. Pictures make up the mind. Try to make a decision without some sort of confidence. You can’t. Even uncertainty snags onto temporary absolutes. Try to remain calm and dictate your inner talk. You can’t. Be prepared to hear the monkey mind instead. But try to achieve a goal […]

Beyond the inner roommate

Balancing logic and creativity, the left brain melds into the right. The two hemispheres work as a whole, never forfeiting the childlike imagination nor the reality of execution. The inner roommate of course, prefers one over the other. We all know accountants who feel like they can never be marketers and vice versa. They wrongly […]

‘I’d rather have average art and survival’

I know that I stopped thinking about extreme grief as the sole vehicle for great art when the grief started to take people with it. And I get it. The tortured artist is the artist that gets remembered for all time, particularly if they if they either perish or overcome. But the truth is that […]

Unique in your perversity

You may be unique in your perversity, always bucking trends and wanting to know more than what’s at face value. The outlier refuses to live on the whims of an algorithm. Interesting people always dig deeper. Making a plethora of connections, the anomaly also finds the time and space to air out the neurons. To […]

Memories reconstructed

Memory is reconstruction. We capture an image in our mind’s eye and recreate it with the code in our brain when it needs recalling. The problem today is that most of what we see is on screen. Our mind encodes both reality and irreality, often generating exaggerations such as the dream for human wings. “The […]

The growing block theory of time

Time is simply blocks or slices of reality, added on top of one another. Writes C. D. Broad’s in his theory of time in 1923:  […] such a theory as this accepts the reality of the present and the past, but holds that the future is simply nothing at all. Nothing has happened to the present […]

The revolt of you

In constant revolt, we take on new challenges that others can’t see or are too preoccupied to try. The mother of invention is necessity, with the brave and curious making that tiny start. The endeavor to do is to learn, not just about ourselves but how we can influence other people. Fight predictability and slothfulness. […]

Intensely watched, intensely remembered

Intensely watched, intensely remembered. It’s not the trouble-free we ought to pursue. It’s the challenge of a good idea. Instead of pushing through the messy middle, we dash to the nearest exit: answering another useless email. It’s the distractions that make us dumber. Like a blob of mercury, we are mentally stoned. The immediate response […]

Humans are noticing machines

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to become a noticing machine. But it does take practice, exercising the eyes, ears, to stretch the thinking tool that is the human brain. Noticing is an awareness, an alertness that calls to mind what the mind shouldn’t scan over. But the observant person shall not force it. […]

Walking is like sex

Step by step, walking resembles sex writes author Geoff Nicholson in his book The Art of Walking (Amazon).  “Basic, simple, repetitive activities…capable of great sophistication and elaboration. They can be completely banal and meaningless, and yet they can also involve great passions and adventures. Both can lead you into strange and unknown territories: a walk on […]

Celebrate the story you tell yourself

You either fit in or strive to stand out. There’s promises in both approaches. You’re more likely to feel more secure in the first route as society rewards mimetic behavior. Every obedient dog gets a treat. Success is harder on the fringes. Whether you’re an iconoclast, a contrarian, a ‘weirdo’, or innovator, you can expect […]