Building layers of ideas

Examining the world, collecting artifacts, awaiting that sudden flash.  To believe that epiphanies are a result of short-term thinking is a canard. Good ideas emerge from gathering string over stretches of time. Whatever it is–a mental note, a collection of brain farts or images, bunches of index cards or Pinterest pins–the most important thing is […]

Art never sleeps

Just because art is based on nothingness doesn’t mean it’s worthless. Without our crayons, we are bound to get more lost than found. Art is the outward release of inward expression and vice versa. It is a psychological thriller for the creator, reminding them that life begins again and again. A kind of wonder drug—art […]

Filling the mental well

We’re not born with information running through our fingertips. But we develop brains that know how to interpret images, words, and YouTube videos. Yet, our comprehension doesn’t stop there. We have to train ourselves to see. In the ear of the listener and in the eye of the viewer is a mental well predetermined by […]