Like 4 Like?

You may have seen these hashtags on Instagram before:

followforfollow #likeforlike #follow4follow #like4like #l4l #f4f #tflers #followback #tagsforlikes

Kids are trading likes. You can even buy likes and followers from sites like Fiverr.

Social validation is big business. All the kids want is to be heard. They just want to be likes on screen more so than their real lives.

We’re already all famous. We can create professional looking content and publish it from our bedroom. Everyone is their own tv station.

The only difference is that some people get more likes than others, whether or not they asked for them, paid for them, or have duplicated fame outside the mobile phone.

Hashtags are the fame of the game.


The Number Facebook Doesn’t Want You To See

Why do people underestimate their audience size in social media? One possible explanation is that, in order to reduce cognitive dissonance, users may lower their estimates for posts that receive few likes or comments. It might be more comfortable to believe that nobody saw it than to believe that many saw it but nobody liked it.

In other words, the Spotlight Effect minus the engagement.