The listener relationship

Who’s your trampoline? Who’s the person you can depend on to bounce off ideas when you get stuck or need an additional opinion? I’m not talking about receipients who provide you the desultory nod.   There’s a good listener out there always waiting. But you must compel yourself to ask. No one is going to […]


Do audiobooks count as reading?

“Did you read the book?” she asked. “Yes, I listed to the audiobook.” “So, you didn’t really read it. You might as well just wait until they make the movie.” Does listening to books count as reading? According to University of Virginia psychologist Daniel Willingham, “If you take the question from the perspective of cognitive […]

Turns Out Your Kids Really Did Love That Music You Played

Participants in a study on musical memory didn’t just say they remembered and loved the music that was popular in the early ’80s, when their parents were young. They also loved the music of the ’60s, which their grandparents may have been blasting while changing Mom’s diapers. And the 20-year-olds of today liked the older […]

Viewpoint: Could one man have shortened the Vietnam War?

Malcolm Gladwell digs up a Vietnam War story to highlight the importance of listening in removing detrimental bias: Listening is hard because the more you listen, the more unsettling the world becomes. It’s a lot easier just to place your hands over your ears and not listen at all. Listen up. Face the music. Ignore […]

Rdio Bridges the Gap Between the Record Collection and the Cloud

It’s taken me years, but I’ve finally acknowledged that there is no longer any reason to own music. But I still want to collect it. Rdio lets me do this in a way that Spotify doesn’t while also allowing me to listen to entire albums without buying them, a feature that iTunes doesn’t offer. Agreed, […]