Shopping in Turkey

Everything is local. Everything is negotiable. Being a salesperson in Turkey is less about promotion and all about price. You have to be able to juggle both math and customer expectations on your feet. You should always have a backup plan.

Politics is also an important factor in the Turkish retail process. The more people you know, the more money you’ll make.

In the United States, everything has a set price. You have to make pre-planned price changes to undercut your competitor even by the slightest penny. Americans want the best deals and they’ll search more broadly on the Internet for cheaper prices until they find them.

America is less about local networks and more about mass consumption. Americans are suckers for big brands that tell emotional stories. We buy products based on vicarious experiences (e.g. jump like Michael Jordan) as well as the traditional 4 P’s of marketing: strong store placement, current promotions, a reasonable price, and product utility.

Above all, Americans demand quality and a unique experience in store and online. We don’t want bad design and bugs to impede the shopping and checkout process. Customer service also has to be consistent.

Because of the Internet’s long-tail, Americans are just now starting to buy from a mass of niches. Crowd-funding is giving life to specific products tailored to meet specific tastes.

The Turkish model is still
far away from mass niches, instead focused on traditional forms of local selling. But all it takes is one homegrown Amazon, Sina Weibo, or Walmart to wipe out all the local stores. Turkey is ripe for disruption but it all depends on the vast spread of new technology. Until then, the local market will continue to thrive off the digital divide.

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Let The Good Times Roll

This is technology’s golden age.  The Internet is our railroad.  Computers are the trains.  Tablets and Smartphones are the bullet trains carrying information faster.  

The world has never felt so global and local at the same time.  We’re closer and ever more informed.  We can contribute our opinion to any issue, money to any event.  We can reach out to people we admire without their permission and get a response.    

Let’s ride this one out.  The world is our oyster.  The digital divide is getting thinner.  Stay open, keep innovating.     

If you're an artist, photographer, writer, etc., I highly recommend creating your own blog and publishing something new every day (read my post on how to set up a FREE blog on Wordpress).