Hitting the spot…

occurs when top quality meets the perfect moment of demand. For instance, you may desire pizza for dinner. But if you eat Dominos instead of ordering from your preferred pizza joint, you’ll just be semi-satisfied in the outcome. “It was ok/good enough.” Fulfillment is a means to an end, to curb the hunger. But ‘hitting […]

3 Types of Luck

There are 3 types of luck: Earned Luck – You get what you work hard for. Unearned Luck – Unexpected events that work in your favor. Hybrid Luck – Chance events whereby all your preparation allows you to see and seize the opportunity. Luck is more than a combination of skill capitalizing on opportunity. Luck […]

Intuit Opportunity

The problem with big bang change is that it brings temporary success.  Real, permanent change takes years of trial and error. Conversely, the problem with incremental change is that work can get too routine and make you question why you’re changing in the first place. If you know something is good for you, you’ll look […]