7 articles to read this weekend

Every week I release a pack of links that inspire me to think differently about the world we live in. The road is better than the end, isn’t it? 1. Wanting To Be Normal Normal means having a house and a relationship. These things are supposed to create a life of happiness. But normal is […]

Hitting the spot…

occurs when top quality meets the perfect moment of demand. For instance, you may desire pizza for dinner. But if you eat Dominos instead of ordering from your preferred pizza joint, you’ll just be semi-satisfied in the outcome. “It was ok/good enough.” Fulfillment is a means to an end, to curb the hunger. But ‘hitting […]

Wait Too Long

Belief is the fiction that’s a stimulus for positive action. The world dies a little bit when you stop believing in yourself. The only reason to quit is to pivot somewhere else. Maybe it didn’t turn out exactly you had dreamed. Maybe it was too easy, or you lucked out. People generally have two choices […]

Create your own luck

Luck is magic. And magic tricks take preparation. There’s a lot of work into making it look easy. It’s no surprise that the best things happen to people that are ready to welcome and execute opportunity. If you’ve been lucky, you know immediately or not whether you deserve it. Even the meek acknowledge the reality […]

Uncertainly Certain….

If you chase certainty, you’ll certainly never be right.  Nothing is certain.  There’s only high probability.  Still, some people seem to get it right.  They’re lucky, fortunate to have found a pathway that satisfies them.  Luck is a combination of preparadeness and carpe diem.  You get lucky only when you make decisions and try a […]