Wait Too Long

Belief is the fiction that’s a stimulus for positive action. The world dies a little bit when you stop believing in yourself.

The only reason to quit is to pivot somewhere else. Maybe it didn’t turn out exactly you had dreamed. Maybe it was too easy, or you lucked out.

People generally have two choices when choosing persistence: harness what you know and exploit it or explore more and see the world a bit differently. Time is just waiting for you to decide.


3 Types of Luck

There are 3 types of luck:

Earned Luck – You get what you work hard for.

Unearned Luck – Unexpected events that work in your favor.

Hybrid Luck – Chance events whereby all your preparation allows you to see and seize the opportunity.

Luck is more than a combination of skill capitalizing on opportunity. Luck is also a mindset and a bit of karma.

As author Anthony Tjan puts it,

The Lucky are humble. They are intellectually curious. They are optimistic.

You were lucky to be born, especially in the United States which surrounds any opportunist willing to learn and achieve with the right tools: free schooling, free libraries, and free speech.

If you don’t inherit a rich network that just means you’ll have to work harder to build those relationships, to show people what you got. Persistence is another centerpiece of luck.

Luck is also biology. Happiness is determined by 50% genetics. If you’re not naturally happy then you’ve got 40% of volition to make it so.

Luck is what you think and make of it and what you ultimately do with it.

Lucky day.
Lucky day.

Intuit Opportunity

The problem with big bang change is that it brings temporary success.  Real, permanent change takes years of trial and error.

Conversely, the problem with incremental change is that work can get too routine and make you question why you’re changing in the first place.

If you know something is good for you, you’ll look for it everywhere.  But YOU MUST LEARN HOW TO CONTROL YOUR ENERGY.

Sometimes you’ll need to speed up and pounce on an opportunity; other times, you’ll need to slow down and think it through.

Expect opportunities to arise when you at least expect it.  Therefore, keep great questions in your back pocket.  If you work hard when no one is looking you’ll to be at your best when you’re best is needed.  Get ready.

Luck is preparedness.  Leave no regrets behind.


Uncertainly Certain….

If you chase certainty, you’ll certainly never be right.  Nothing is certain.  There’s only high probability. 

Still, some people seem to get it right.  They’re lucky, fortunate to have found a pathway that satisfies them.  Luck is a combination of preparadeness and carpe diem. 

You get lucky only when you make decisions and try a lot.  Unfortunately, rightness and wrongness in decision-making comes after the fact.  You either selected the right path and can breathe a sigh of relief or are enduring hell because you went the wrong way. 

The irony of the bad decision-making is that at least you cured indecision by going in a direction.  Now you know with more certainty about the things you want in your future.  At least you tried and gained some knowledge out of the experience.  Life is clearer. 

If you’re uncertain, you’ll almost certainly be right.  Uncertain people are risk-averse, and also the unhappiest people.  The happiest people make decisions and are willing to be right or wrong.  Either way, they get luck or learn a valuable lesson. 

Life is an experiment, most of which fail.  But the best part about is that you can keep going, get back up again and try something else.