Don’t pull out your phone: An absence of stimulation encourages associative or integrative thought, spurring your creativity.

— Bob Pozen, on eating lunch away from your desk.

Life Revolves Around Food

Our life revolves around food.  We can’t function mentally or physically without it.  Try to go the gym without eating.  Your output is zilch.  All you’re worrying about is consumption.    

We take food for granted.  We think it’s always going to be available.  But when you strip it away, as Muslim folks are doing now for Ramadan, you see how indispensable food really is.  

One of the tenets of international affairs is that nations will always protect their natural resources.  This may be why China has spent thousands of years sitting out of the international community.  China is already rich in resources.

Food powers the mind and body.  If we don’t have food, we’re always thinking about it.  That’s that surviving animal in us.  If we go without it long enough, we’ll eventually grow weak and tired.   

Food is just as psychological as it is a vital component to physical energy.  

When we’re hungry, we’re HANGRY.