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Denying the GPS

Rarely do we override the GPS because we know a better way.

We depend on technology to reveal answers 99% of the time.  We override technology 1% of the time, and even then we have our doubts.

The irony, of course, is that while technology makes our lives easier, we forfeit the chance to think and learn new things.  We know more than ever but we experience less.  

Experience puts the bones in the goose.  There’s no evolution without a beautiful struggle.

The computer is a second brain, threatening our primary neurons.  The machine is replacing the animal in all of us.


Use the Machine

Tickets are more expensive on the train. Those who don’t know or forget (or lie about their ignorance) can still escape with a normal machine purchased fee.

But you won’t get the regular fee every time. You have to get lucky. The conductor has to be lenient, forgiving, and most importantly having a good day. You just have to show reserved character.

Complaining gives you no chance at a reduced fee. Anger is the expectation. However, if you smile or just show a plain face you get a chance at saving money.

On top of this is always the variable of running late. Of course you didn’t have time to hit up the machine. Naturally, you’re frustrated but you just accept the extra tax. This route ensures you’ll pay up more every time.

That is, of course, is all avoided with a monthly pass.