Remembering MLK in restored NBC video

In some rarely-seen footage from 1967, Martin Luther King Jr. talks about the new phase of the Civil Rights movement for “genuine equality.” For 26 minutes, he’s just as eloquent and sincere as you imagined: “It is cruel jest to say to a bootless man that he ought to lift himself by his own bootstraps…And […]

Filter bubbles 

We all live in our own Internet bubbles. We carve our own niches, friend those that reconfirm our beliefs and defriend those who reject them. No wonder our perspective is warped. The challenge, therefore, is listening to the views of the other side and accepting their opinion despite your own disagreement. The harder part though is […]

There is little reward for conformity

Conformity is a personal crisis. You’re not going to die, but you’re certainly not going to stand out. Uniqueness is the seed of self-expression. Taylor Swift started writing music because her school made her feel like an outcast. But rejection is the cue, a signal to create your own style. Almost always, the creative dedicated minority […]

Pragmatic Rebellion

How often do you break the rules? How often are you the person to stand up against something everyone knows is absurd? People are standing up to fight wrongdoing: Birkan Isin saved an Istanbul park from destruction and sparked Turkey’s mass protests Snowden gut checked the NSA and lit a worldwide discussion on the future […]