Twitter Founder Reveals Secret Formula for Getting Rich Online

“Here’s the formula if you want to build a billion-dollar internet company…Take a human desire, preferably one that has been around for a really long time…Identify that desire and use modern technology to take out steps.”

Keep it simple. Build a business around people’s extant needs and just leverage digital technology and the Internet to make faster and with fewer barriers as possible.


7 articles to read this week

Below are some interesting articles that I caught this week:

A Novelist Who Made Crime an Art, and His Bad Guys ‘Fun.’  Elmore Leonard passed away but left us with some great writing tips along with his books, most notably, “Try to leave out the parts that readers tend to skip.”

The War on Wordsmiths.  Author Ali Eteraz explains why we still need words in the age of photographs.   

How You Can Conquer Any Deadline.Designer George Lois breaks down how to get shit done.  It turns out it’s pretty simple:  Do it now and if you can’t figure it out, you’ve probably got a problem.  

Enough with the ROI. Just follow your curiosity.  Ian Sanders explains why you should just do something for the sake of interest.  Curiosity is also a currency; fiat money isn’t everything.  It’s all about learning and driving new experiences. 

How the Coffee Cup Sleeve Was Invented.  It turns out that the coffee sleeve was originally known as the “Java Jacket.”  Here’s also some best practices for working from the coffee shop

When Apps Modify Behavior.  MG Siegler examines how apps like FrontBack and Instagram make us think more creatively about our surroundings.  

Now it’s ruined.  Seth Godin blogs about the impact of technology in equalizing creativity.  Everyone is an amafessional with a computer palette in their pocket.  But the best stills stand out. You might want to work on your attitude as well.      


Enough with the ROI. Just follow your curiosity.

“If you follow your curiosity to the smallest corners, you’ll find tremendous light there”.

Test and learn > Revenue

Word to the wise.


Brain Porn

The brain is elastic. It acts as a fortified dome yet gets easily duped into submission. It can be excited, bored, and fearful all at the same time. The brain can also toggle between nostalgia and dreams.

Like a social network, the brain uses its synapses to connect the likeliest and unlikeliest of friends. Neurons bloom. The opportunity to meet or follow new people lights up the brain masking the task at hand.

The Internet makes it easy to avoid here and now, to live vicariously through data rather than through touch. People interconnect but hide behind a screen of invincibility. Everyone hyperbolizes their true physical self.

The ability to self-promote and receive “likes” through fabricated stories glues every one of us to each other, making it impossible to let go. Reality is less addicting than it’s ever been.

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Happiness is doing shit

Create meaningfulness. Doing something together that matters is more powerful than artificially creating happiness.

Happiness is in the endeavor, the action and learning from failure. Achievement marks the end of happiness but signals a restart.

Happiness happens when we stop chasing it and instead let it come. Dreams bloom in the back of the mind.

Happiness is freedom from restraint. Self-expression is impression unchained.

Happiness can also be disguised as ignorance. Some people thrive because they don’t know any better. So be it.

For the most part, happiness is staying creatively motivated; just doing shit to thwart worry and to achieve inner peace.

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Where Orwell got it wrong

If we don’t trust the Turkish government’s account of events in the streets of Istanbul, we can turn for the truth to thousands of cellphone videos or tweets from the people themselves. SMS, Twitter and Facebook have become the means for citizens to organize resistance to abusive government power, and for the rest of the world to witness it. No wonder Prime Minister Erdogan recently declared Twitter and its ilk “the worst menace to society.”

Those at the top are always detached from the truth.