In the search of greatness

Great athletes break the mold. They’re not just gifted. They get creative in the arena, using their intuition and imagination to do things never seen before on stage. The same genius can be said for select actors, musicians, scientists, thinkers and the like. In the fortchoming documentary In Search of Greatness, director Gabe Polsky takes […]

Cargo shorts, practical but uncool?

Unlike technological innovations, fashion is cyclical — what’s uncool now will be fresh again decades from now. The latest victim to fall into the uncool category of clothing are cargo shorts. The US and British military created cargo pants in the 1940s to hold more ammunition. Front-pocket cargos are perfect for the gadget-obsessed world we […]

The New Air Jordan XXXI “Banned”

Nike is issuing the new Air Jordan XXXI this September for $185. If it is not the most gorgeous looking shoe yet, it is the most innovative It offers both leather and Flyweave materials to give more support and flexibility. They are also stylish enough to be worn off-court. Nike named the new shoe “Banned” […]

There are two types of progress:

Progress you can make toward an end-goal such as a project with a final completion date Progress you can make against an ailment like OCD which you can never fully defeat Progress is just as good as perfection. In fact, no one ever achieves perfection. They just achieve more and more exactitude. “I listened, I […]

7 articles to read this weekend

Every week I like to collect a bunch of articles on creativity, culture, and tech. Below are my 7 favorites. 1. Team Genius Behind every genius there’s another partner. People are social animals; they need other people to bounce off ideas and to collaborate with. One could say that the mind engages in its own […]