My now is your now 


Humans are entropic; we die the minute we're born. Our lives are limited by time.

But life goes on. It keeps ticking away.

NASA discovered seven Earth-like planets that no one reading this will ever see.

Machines are starting to take over jobs,; the AI revolution will do everything from making music to curating it.

We discover and tee up the future even if we don't breathe in it.

Our presence comes and goes in the blink of the eye. Time passing is time past. It's always about more than us.


Stimulate the imagination

Presence is about more than chasing mindfulness. It's also about pulling intelligence from the heart.

It is possible to know something before asking how you know it. You don't analyze a morning breeze; it feels like an extension of the imagination.

Think less, not more, to unlock the unconscious and get out of your own head. Maintain your curiosity about everyday things to help you escape the routine. Noticing stimulates itself.

Mindfulness gets its share of attention

“What’s work, what’s not work, it’s all become blurred.”

Sure has, we’re always on, always working, especially if your phone is also your work phone. You’re a touch away from answering an email.

“Not only do I put fewer things on my to-list but I actually get them done and done well. It’s like I’ve learned that to be more successful and accomplish more, I must first slow down.”

Single-tasking in today’s wired world is the only way to focus. Tim Ferriss recommends to make a list in the morning of the things bothering you and try to only do those things. Everything else just takes care of itself.

Mash Posts to Creativity, Mindfulness, and Work [Kindle Edition]

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Wells Baum 

Doing Nothing

Try 20 minutes a day nothing daily. Try. You’ll find that urge to do is poking at you; that email to write, the sports score to check, the inclination to respond to a text right after it’s received.

We are compulsive doers, never bored because there’s always something to check online.

The only way to empty the brain is to do absolutely nothing for 20 minutes. This means remaining awake (not sleeping) and simply trying to resist the urge to do.

Mediation is one way to do this. Another way is to go on a walk without your phone. Or you could sit still in a chair for 20 minutes with no technology nearby.

The whole point of these exercises is to get your natural mind back, the mind we had before the state of constant interruption and entertainment.

A decade ago, an empty brain may have meant that you were bored, goalless. Today, the challenge is turning off a brain full of small, addictive tasks that mean nothing.

Either do nothing and rewire your brain or do nothing in a state of constant updates where you end up where you started.