The Metropolitan Museum of Art offers 400,000 free high-res images for remixing

Since starting a year ago, New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art has made 400,000 of its images free to download and remix. The project immediately empowered the likes of software developer and designer Simone Seagle. She downloaded a 1920s print from abstract Russian artist Vasily Kandinsky called Violett. Said Seagle: Generally you can’t be in […]


Art requires the long look

Good art requires the long look, not for a lack of comprehension but for the growing realization of what the viewer fails to see. Art is more about the space inside rather than the form of the envelope itself. Artists put their life’s context into their craft. A poem, painting, a sculpture all contain intricacies […]

Hidden by what we see

The combination of perception and imagination can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. But we strive to go deeper into the details, beyond what is manifest. Said René Magritte: “Everything we see hides another thing; we always want to see what is hidden by what we see.” The more we look, the more realize what […]

Grasping artistic thought 

Art makes sense of and confounds everyday objects. The dislocation between reality and artist interpretation brings interestingness to a work. The viewer chews on a piece, trying to get into an artist’s mind that’s still evolving and exploring different ways. Both maker and fan dig through their inner space to tie their thoughts for an […]

A museum of self

The Metropolitan Museum only showcases ten percent of its owned pieces at any given time. The rest of the art is stored somewhere else waiting to be picked and featured. “A physical museum is itself a sort of data set — an aggregation of the micro in order to glimpse the macro.” We all have […]

Ambience as artifice

Sometimes the most interesting ambience is that which is unnatural. This past weekend I went to the National Gallery of Art in D.C. The newly opened East Wing of the museum is currently exhibiting 20th-century modern art in Los Angeles to New York: Dwan Gallery, 1959–1971.  Ambience as artifice. See more on Instagram @bombtune. Weekly […]

Is the Mona Lisa really great art?

“The social scientists are right to say that we should be a little sceptical of greatness, and that we should always look in the next room. Great art and mediocrity can get confused, even by experts. But that’s why we need to see, and read, as much as we can. The more we’re exposed to […]