Reassuring struggle

Vulnerability and happiness, pain and weakness. You can’t possibly expect any benefits without the paradoxes of input and output. It’s as if people expect to play to the tune of emotion, unwilling to endure the challenges that get them there. The struggle therefore should be reassuring. Without it, there’s little need for success to meet […]


A guide to art

Art is the ability to get lost and navigate by the gut. Art is teachable but its answers require no education at all. Art is the act of perpetual innovation. Art is expression on canvass, a business product, a speech, and countless other remarkable creations. Art is controlled randomness, a collection of disparate things. Art […]

Confronting reality 👀

Goal setting is like game setting. You start at level 1 and graduate into unforeseen directions. If you’re lucky, you’ll ping-pong forward, making leaps and bounds. But more often than not, declaring your ambitions acts as a compass, guiding you with mere suggestions on how to proceed. The lighthouse may tease what’s ahead yet what remains […]

The gutless algorithm

In today’s age, you get picked (and judged) by algorithms and your number of social media fans. No matter your unique talent, it is the statistics that predetermine your success. But the element of surprise is not over. John Hammond discovered Billie Holiday, Bruce Springsteen, and Bob Dylan at the clubs. As a staunch contrarian, […]

The hidden power of less

Less isn’t necessarily better than more. However, it appears that in most scenarios that it is most often the case. Less participants, more effective meetings Less worry, more action Less ownership, more renting Less eating, more exercising Less internet, more human interaction Less Instagram, more non-filter Less stuff, more happiness Less hate, more love Less […]

Going first is not as bad as you think

No one wants to take the first piece of dessert because of the chance it’s been touched. People prefer the pieces in the back. The same goes for the first milk carton at the grocery. Why grab the first one we can see presumably untouched versions inches behind? No one wants to sit in the […]

Blinded by closeness

You can’t make anything in the forest stand still. It is in constant flux, whether that’s in seasons, wildfires, or in the territory marking of a killer bear. Nature is fickle. It calls for preparedness and a broad scope. “You can’t see the forest for the trees.” One must not only have a plan in […]

Stripped of bias

Mushy in the middle, stuck amid choices that cancel each other out. We all hear different things. The pragmatist razor skins down contradictions and chooses the strongest case on both sides. Rising above sidedness is a lofty goal, the aim of an idealist. But who’s to say one shouldn’t try? Clinging to the past, never […]

The window within

A restless creative mind, scatterbrained with curiosity and ruminating fecundity. Where to look? What to see? Which to internalize and reinvent? The window’s aperture compels focus, into an adventure that forces you to look outside your own existence.

A studio state of mind 

The studio satisfies the residue of attention. It is a room with a view, one that faces up to the resistance, and compels us to push on with god-willing persistence. But the studio can be anywhere. It is mobile, a canvass in hand, the imagination at play, anything that cultivates attention for periods at a […]

Give it some thought

There’s always a ‘why,’ even if the observation is visceral. Feelings are antecedents to descriptions. The problem is communicating your gut into words. You already know the answer. What you don’t know is how to explain it. You can’t possibly understand anything until you give it some thought. Reflection is at the core of all […]

Talking Heads

People learn through experience and clear examples. That’s why classrooms and meetings are full of images, maps, and graphs. But the teaching only starts there. It’s the teacher’s responsibility to give context to the material. A good teacher communicates effectively and provokes different trains of thought amongst students. Meanwhile, it’s the student’s responsibility to be […]