Smith & Mighty – Evolve

I remember buying this random disc in Palo Alto, California while at summer camp in high school. I had probably read a review about it in an issue of URB Magazine, which was one of my primary 90s go-to sources for discovering fresh underground music. In the CD age, everything was a $14.99 crapshoot. You really never […]

Alix Perez & SpectraSoul – Synergy

The Synergy EP is a joint release between drum n bass elites Alix Perez and SpectraSoul, featuring four tracks of a soulful, smoother side of drum n bass. The track ‘Synergy’ rides out like a perfect liquid wave, laced with a classic Perez piano and lush vocals: “I already know you before I even met you.” Drums […]

Newsletter: The Coltrane Doctrine 🎷

Web Gems THE COLTRANE DOCTRINE John Coltrane and Einstein shared interests in mathematical principles. In response to the Coltrane doctrine (image below), Thelonious Monk replied: “All musicians are subconsciously mathematicians.” + Now that ⚾ is back, here’s a little-known fact on how the game influenced jazz music. WORK, WORK, WORK, WORK “I never sleep because sleep […]

Mysterious of a Blunt – TnJ Loop

With jungle nods to LTJ Bukem comes Mysterious of a Blunt, presumably an alias of Berlin-based techno producer Orson Wells. Here’s how he describes his music making process in an interview with EdHid: “It’s somehow a meditative process immersing yourself in a basic loop and trying to add selectively more elements based on your experiences you have […]

STUFF – Strata

STUFF is a five piece instrumental band from Antwerp, Belgium. ‘Strata’ is the first track from the band’s second album old dreams new planets due out April 28th. The song vacillates from broken jazz before weaving into a funky, electronic jungle. Says the quintet’s SoundCloud page, “it makes you doubt whether you’re at a rave […]