Watch Mark Zuckerberg testify live before the Senate right here

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is about to testify before the US Senate. You can expect the hearing to focus on the manipulation of data in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. ‘Move fast and break things’ Can Zuckerberg rectify the damage he’s done to digital oil? We never worry about our privacy until its […]

Instagram tweaks its algorithm to favor fresher posts

Instagram is making tweaks to the algorithmic feed it introduced two years ago. While the social network won’t bring back the chronological feed, it will emphasize newer posts first. You’ll also be able to manually refresh your feeds instead of kicked up to the to while browsing. From the Instagram blog: We’ve heard it can […]

Blame the humans, not the bots, for retweeting false news

According to research done by data scientists at MIT, it is humans, not bots, which disseminate false news. The study began with the 2013 Boston bombings when Twitter spread inaccurate rumors about the aftermath of the events. The three authors of the study then took it upon themselves to dig deeper into the fake news […]

Coping with the maelstrom of news

It’s hard enough to cultivate awareness. We drown in our own ineptitude to sort and curate the noise. Spiralling out of control, we gravitate to the bite-sized headline. Lacking interest in context, we are too impatient to go deeper. Like fast food, we consume information and move on, having forgotten what crap we engulfed. The […]

Drone to the rescue

Lifeguards deployed a drone to save two struggling teenage swimmers stranded in rough seas off the coast of Australia. This is apparently the first time drone technology carrying a flotation device has rescued swimmers. While drones are commonly known for selfies (i.e. dronies), Amazon deliveries, firing missiles, and spying but they can also do some […]

A strange kind of progress

A strange kind of progress permeates our world. While technology advances, privacy seems to take two steps back. Social media exploits openness. While bitcoin promises to disrupt the financial industry to give power to individuals, it smells of chaos and distrust. Perhaps the new world order takes getting used to. After all, it is habit […]

No longer thinking straight

We are suckers for fake news not necessarily because we want to believe it’s true, but because the world has become so chaotic and polluted with noisy opinions that the possibilities are endless. Believe it or not, this is a shark on the freeway in Houston, Texas. #HurricaneHarvy — Jason Michael (@Jeggit) August 28, […]

67 million viewers

“It’s such an American thing that nothing is real until it’s on television.” – Tom Nichols It doesn’t matter what books we write or discoveries we make. People only remember us if we appear on TV. In Tom Nichols’ case, succeeding on on Jeopardy superseded his professional accolades as a published author, foreign advisor, and […]

The truth has legs

Alternative facts Fake news Hack journalism Slanted truths Hyberbole Doublethink We should remain skeptical of any story. The platform always recasts the news in its point of view so the viewer can confirm their own bias. But to latch on to the trend of cynicism about truths disrespects those digging up the facts. “The fairest […]