Twitter is not dying. It’s on the cusp of getting much bigger.

But Wall Street—along with everyone else who’s down on Twitter because it has “a growth problem”—is making a mistake by comparing it to Facebook. Twitter is not a social network. Not primarily, anyway. It’s better described as a social media platform, with the emphasis on “media platform.” And media platforms should not be judged by the same metrics as social networks.

Twitter is all about the news, no different than any news network. But instead of following the entire channel you can follow individual anchors and get his or her own direct broadcasts without the pressure of friending them. Twitter is an influencer’s network where you learn; if you want to keep in touch with people you actually hit up Facebook.

It still frustrates me that Twitter missed out own owning Instagram. Instagram is the photographic lens for news.

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News you can use

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You may read the news to stay up-to-date on current events or to conduct research. You probably get your news from multiple sources including social networks, online newspapers/magazines, or blogs. The plethora of resources can be overwhelming.

But no matter where and how often you consume the news, the only thing that matters is how you end up using it.

Part of the reason I blog is to make sense of the world around me. Nothing makes sense to me until I write it down and connect the dots.

“We cannot make good news out of bad practice.”

Edward R. Murrow

News is only so helpful as its application to the real world.

If you’re mostly a consumer today, I encourage you to use and remix what you discover and teach it back to other people. Apply the facts to experimentation.


News is what somebody does not want you to print. The rest is advertising.

William Randolph Hearst & Lord Northcliffe

The Buzzfeedification of news (aka click bait) on social networks is taking over. You’re more likely to click on an article about cat expressions rather than an editorial on the economy. Does Hollywood not entertain us enough already?


Beyonce Album Pirated 240,000 Times (Report)

Had those copies been purchased, the album would have grossed another $3.8 million in sales at $15.99 per album. While it’s certain that piracy eats into music revenue, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to know what percentage of those illegal downloads would have displaced purchases, since not everyone who pirated a free copy would have bought the album if it weren’t available via file sharing sites.

The Economist is more optimistic


Magna Carta, hacked; ironically, malware that merely reflects what Jay-Z was already doing to his fans. That’s Obama wearing headphones.



Digital information is hyper-abundant. We all need a way to filter out the irrelevant and subscribe only the content that appeals to us.

The genius of Twitter and RSS feeds is that we choose from the people and sources we want to hear from. Information suck is a big deal; hence why millions of people are searching for a viable alternative to Google Reader

People want to remain informed. It’s what Seth Godin refers to as permission marketing, except social media is a faster version of email as a way to receive mass marketing messages.

Filtering information is just like filtering coffee. Coffee isn’t potable until you first grind the beans and then filter out the ground beans with hot water. We can only consume that which is usable.

Reading is a personal experience. I can’t imagine picking up a newspaper today just to find the two or three interesting articles; not to mention having to wash my hands after all that print.

The news that’s fit to print today is one that’s all digital and highly filterable.