Moving Beyond Baseball

I played baseball as a kid. It was fun because I was good at it, not necessarily because I loved the sport.

As I got older, basketball and soccer became my main games. They were fast paced and less interruptive. There was just way more movement than baseball.

I attended the Yankees game last night merely to reconfirm my bias: baseball is boring.

Fred Wilson wrote an article this week observing the increased interest in soccer. He credited the growth to video games although I pointed out that it was much more than that.

I also think the pace of baseball doesn’t match up well with the speed at which we move now. The Internet sets the expectation for instant entertainment and delivery; something baseball fails to offer.

The baseball stadium tries hard to keep fans interested during games. They show trivia on the board and display dancing fans in their seats. Music plays in between batters, innings, and outs so you don’t fall asleep.

Baseball is truly America’s past time. It no longer stimulates widespread interest because it doesn’t move the way Americans move today. Cheaters like Alex Rodriguez certainly don’t help the game either.

Maybe I’m an army of one but baseball really fails to meet the current speed of entertainment. Football is getting bad as well with an ad every possession.

I don’t think soccer is ever going to take over America because it’s still carrying baggage as a European sport. America didn’t create it. Basketball, on the other hand which is virtually the hand version of soccer, will remain popular.

Maybe it’s just me because I’m getting older and looking for new interests (cricket or rugby any good?) or baseball does indeed just suck.