Nigeria’s World Cup kits are 🔥

In an interview with Fader Magazine, Nike FC’s Design Director Pete Hoppins says the Nigeria kit was actually the easiest one to design: Nigeria was actually the easiest! That’s everyone having fun. We worked closer with the players and the Nigerian federation to make that happen. The hardest were Brazil and England, just like always. […]

Mars Effect: Download the new Nike Sportswear x VSCO filter

The new Nike Sportswear x VSCO filter dropped while I was on vacation last week in the Dominican Republic. It paints a Mars-like effect on your photos. This is how VSCO describes it on its blog: “the preset creates a bold, duotone look using strong black and red hues. The tonal range of each image […]

Trusting Brands For Quality

Brands always outsell generics, even though the product and impact is the same. Part of the reason is ignorance: not everyone knows alternatives exist. The main reason though is marketing. People consume stories. They trust products that get more impressions; otherwise why buy something more expensive. I’m not just talking about pills. The following rings […]