On keeping notebooks

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It’s no surprise that in a screen-obsessed world, the slower traditional version of handwritten notetaking is becoming increasingly popular.

There’s something about long-form writing that emphasizes the importance of each word. Typing on the keyboard moves faster than we can think.

Writing by hand provides just enough disfluency or pause to sync the mind with the prose. The result of usually something more profound and insightful rather than repetitive and shallow.

Writes Josephine Wolff in the Washington Post:

One reason I’m so transfixed by notebook experts is that their systems bring together free-form, individualized artistic expression and the structured formatting and rigid rules of computer science. This may be key to the appeal of notebooking: In an increasingly algorithmic world, these systems let us crack open the black boxes of our lives, allowing us to develop systems of our own and helping us figure out what matters to us along the way.

Whether that notebook is a bullet journal, a legal pad or looseleaf paper, when you spill your thoughts in long-form you tend to remember it more. Paper just works. What sticks gets compartmentalized and oten resurfaces to importance later.

Field Notes: One small step for notebooks

The new Field Notes ‘Three Missions’ Edition is out of this world, literally. Because when you’re out in the field gathering string, you don’t want to miss anything.

I’m not writing it down to remember it later, I’m writing it down to remember it now.

Field Notes

Slow and simple notebooks with BIG TYPEFACES

JSTORY: Slow and simple notebooks with BIG TYPEFACES

I saw this in my Pinterest feed (yeah, I’m on Pinterest) and immediately snatched one up.

In our ever-increasingly fast-paced world, it’s nice to slow down every once in a while and plan something out. And these pages look huge! I also just dig the simplicity of the notebook names and huge typefaces: LARGE, MEDIUM, BIG, AND SMALL. If you’re looking for a great pen to accompany your summer planning, try the Pentel Tradio Pulaman, the classic Bullet Space Pen or a pack of Pilot Roller Ball stick pens if you need more than one.

JSTORY: Slow and simple notebooks with BIG TYPEFACES

Jstory is a South Korean brand. If you go to the official website and Google translate the text, you’ll see that the company was launched by an architecture and design student back in 2006.

They also make some awesome creator notebooks that feature Architect, Engineer, Painter, Musician, and Writer in big fonts. You’ll have to order those directly from the site since I can’t seem to find them on Amazon.

JSTORY: Slow and simple notebooks with BIG TYPEFACES

PS. If you’ve seen any other neat notebooks lately, comment below so I can check them out. Thanks!